Walking into Joann's a woman told me how that company ruined her son's marriage Completely thrown off I responded with I'm sorry but I've been with them eight years gotten married had a baby etc The company did not ruin his marriage I enhance relationships I was shaken and really feeling icky And then as I was picking out my items someone asked what I was making I explained my anniversary was coming up and cotton is such a hard one but I figured something out They were actually reps from the company of said products I was purchasing and loved my idea so much it inspired an Instagram post And now I feel warm and fuzzy again No outside force can ruin a relationship If there were already issues yes it can flame the fire But there were already issues whether both partners were aware or not For example if a partner cheats and the other isn't aware the homewrecker did not ruin your relationship Your partner did I don't know the backstory for this woman or her son but I'm hoping her ex- daughter-in-law found her confidence her strength fell in love with herself and decided she deserved more And made a butt load of money while doing it <<<<THIS RIGHT HERE is why I do what I do and Ilove it Oh and to that woman? Sounds like you could use a vibrator in your life Hun gets confronted by woman impacted by MLMs completely misses the point Uses it as an opportunity to try to sell vibrators Meme

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