Warning this post is gonna get explicit Sol'm strolling along in the train station listening to a DISney playlist and felling good when l see a guy with a cool beard We accidentally make eye contact so l smile and when he also smiles l say cool beard dude And dude answers with the smuggest sneer isn't that cat calling? You're being sexist And I answer still with my warm-ass smile no that was a compliment Now if I said And here l began projecting and making vaguely obscene gestures nice beard bitch I wanna stick my fingers up your tight ass until it's filled with spit from all your moaning Back to my maternal smiling that would be catcalling Your welcome for the teachable moment and the compliment Have a nice day And a aroup of school age girls hanging outside the dunkin donuts applauded Incidentally make a man out of you was playing Found in the wild Meme

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