was issued by Bloody Deeds of GENEKnugnunoUN or The death of lan of the David Morrow John Harris Henry Lewis David Hunt and Edw sey-six militia men who were condemned to die the sentenc by Major General Jackson and his order the wholx bill was bordered in black and at the top showed six black c which were affixed the names of the murdered militiamen ob Webb sentence approved t The hand ill described how the six men wanted to return to their homet he Creek War at the conclusion of their enlistment but wi nd of the charged instead with desertion and then executed by comma pitiless Jackson John Binns editor of the Philadelphia Democratic onceived the Coffin Hand Bill and enlivened it with a poem entitled Mournful Tragedy Democrats countered by accusing Adams of pimping for the Czar Russia when he was the United States minister to that country Th charge appeared in a campaign biography of Old Hicko Isaac Hill of New Hampshire and entitled Brief Sketch of the Life Charactn and Services of Major General Andrew Jackson Unfortunately this vile canad was widely believed and circulated In the west the Democrats mocked the President as The Pimp of the Coalition whose fabulous success asa diplomat had at last been explained1 In addition the Jacksomians charged the President with recklessly spending public money for gam bling furniture in the White House in particular a pool table cues an balls His lordly and aristocratic manner was projected in the pres emboss their image of a President who was hostile to ry published the aspirations d th e majority of the American people Adams remained aloof from these gutter attacks but Jackson more deeply involved in the campaign as the assaults on history and public career spondence with Duff Gree his prial intensified For one thing he opened a n the new editor of the leading Jackson paper in Washington Green had bought out the ol d Washington with the financial backing of Jackson and his friends anpe paper's name to the United States Telegraph Once the s and changed newspane publication the General contacted Green and indicated sombi ji guidelines he wanted his propagandist to toll0 tion continue follow Should the a Meme

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