Watch One Burn One UNITE Infinity War Justice League 207 Another watch1burn1 for you guys! This one was requested by @john_daniel2005 Which movie are you guys more excited to see? Both upcoming films featuring a team of superheroes working together to stop a powerful villain But which movie are you more excited to see??πŸ€” - - I Luke am more excited to see Avengers Infinity War for several reasons 1 All the characters in Infinity Wars are already developed Or most of them are 2 Because of the relationship we've had with some of the characters in previous films it makes me more excited to see them again 3 We've waited to see Thanos in action for several years 4 We're going to see 60+ superheroes in one movie!! 5 Let's face it we know what we're getting with a Marvel movie Although Justice League looks very promising especially after the SDCC hype there is still an uncertainty on whether the movie will be good or not Let's hope for the best I'm not saying EVERY DCEU movie was bad I AM saying that there's an uncertainty But what do you guys think??? Which movie??? - - GeekFaction thenerdybros Trendy Robin wonderwoman flash cyborg superman JusticeLeague Batman thedarkknight nightwing like4like instagood DC marvel comics superhero Fandom marvel detectivecomics warnerbros superheroes theherocentral hero comics avengers starwars justiceleague herocentral Meme

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