WBR Northwest Boxer Rescue 💕🐾ADOPTION ANNOUNCEMENT🐾💕 We are happy to announce the adoption of our bonded pair — Callie and Rocco!!! Callie and Rocco were very much loved by their family in their previous home but when tragedy struck NWBR was entrusted to find a loving home for them once again Low and behold — along came the Knobbe family!! They are long-time boxer owners looking to find that special companion once again Little did they know they would find not One but Two amazing companions that would fit perfectly into their home and lives There were so many boxer kisses and turbo wiggles when these two met their new parents!! It just made everything so right in the world!! Callie and Rocco will be treated like they should be — as loving family members They will take walks snoop around in their big backyard go for car rides and experience many other adventures which of course includes lots of couch and snuggle time for all!! There was no looking back for Callie and Rocco as they hopped in the car for the beginning of their new life Welcome back to the world of boxers Knobbe family and Thank You for rescuing this beautiful bonded pair Meme

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