We all know that Aaron Paul plays a convincing meth makerladdict on the AMC drama Breaking Bad But as it turns out the 31-year-old Emmy winner also has a craving for the stuff when the cameras aren't rolling Whenever the blue meth is on set I am constantily eating it he tells EW It's cotton candy-flavored rock candy They dye it a little bit butI don't care Ijust eat through the dye Iget everyone to try it I lterally try to hand out our drugs to new actors on the show They're like 'No I don't want to try' Here just have one You're on Breaking Bad! Eat Wow that's actually really good' And then always see them go to the big bins of meth grab out a few and eat it I'm like 'Yeah you're liking my product Image Credit Ben LeunerlAMC ariasphyxia oh my fucking god Meme

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