We all know you are faking being sick to avoid the class Funny Popcorn This happened to me while i was in elementary school Our mrs math teacher really hated my guts for no reason really She would always find an axcuse to lower my grades or blame me for something i didn't do I was a pretty sick kid that had bad astma dermatitis and was sickish in general Thinking back I think her hating me had a lot to do with that as she felt i had special treatment and privileges One day we were doing a test and i started feeling very bad It came to the point of really needing to puke but i held it in because i knew she wouldn't believe me Theni started shaking and kinda puked a bit in my mouth so i stood up and started to go towards the toilet we had a rule that anybody who has to go to the toilet can do so without asking She ofcourse stopped me and told me to sit back down I tried explaining but she wouldn't have it One girl stood up to me and said something like he is really pale and shaking and sweating i think he needs to go home That caused the teacher to go on a 5 minute rant how i'm a spoiled liar who didn't study for the test and now i'm trying to fool everybody and that i'm taking away their precious test time and they should hate me for that I said i really need to puke and she just scoffed saying You ain't going anywhere with your lies so you might as well do your imaginary puking here' Yeah You can guess what happened next Not sure if this is compliance because i couldn't hold it in anymore anyway but i was so happy while doing it First i puked a bit trough my arm and then it all went out Across her desk grading book was ruined and all over the floor She tried to blame me saying that i threw up by force but the principle didn't buy it after the doctor examined me Nothing special happened to her but she never bothered me again Everyone knows “that kid” who was sick in class but nobody knows “that teacher” who continues to harass a kid after they’ve thrown up all over the classroom Meme

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