WE ALWAYS WANT WHAT WE DON'T HAVE The thing is when we already have something we get used to it So much so we cannot imagine our lives without it but we fail to acknowledge their presence or let's say value them The most common example is that of body organs The ones who have everything in place will never know the true value of it until something goes wrong It will only take blindness or blurred vision to make someone realize the importance of healthy eyes We take things that we have for granted not understanding that everything is temporary- material or immaterial - We now desire for things we don't have It is human nature to believe that grass is greener on the other side This is WANTand is different from NEEDIt stems from dissatisfction We want that latest car or the latest bag because we don't have it and someone else does The need for having something we don't own comes from comparison or seeing someone else own it Do you think you would want a mobile phone if no one else around you had it? Just an example 🤔 - want need success milliionairementor Meme

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