WE GOT ALL KINDS OF TAXES FORREST THERES FEDERAL INCOMETAX PAYROLL TAXSALES TAX ESTATE TAX GIFT TAK CORPORATE TAX INHERITANCE TAX US PROPERTY TAX GASOLINE TAX STATE INCOME TAX CAPITAL GAINS TAX DEATH TAX EXCISE TAXIMPORT TAX wWw MURICATODAYCOM HOME IMPROVEMENT TAX SCHOOLTAX SIN TAX ROAD USE TAX THEY EVEN TAX OUR PETS THATS ABOUTIT Do you feel that all taxation is theft or just unnecessary taxation? Then again if you believe all taxation is then all taxation is unnecessary meaning you also believe that unnecessary taxation is theft 🔴wwwTooSavageForDemocratscom🔴 JOINT INSTAGRAM @rightwingsavages DonaldTrump Trump 2A MakeAmericaGreatAgain Conservative Republican Liberal Democrat Ccw247 MAGA Politics LiberalLogic Savage TooSavageForDemocrats Instagram Merica America PresidentTrump Funny True SecondAmendment Meme

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