We have to stop being so interested in seeing girls try to tear each other down hashbrownswift gotfoundinwonderland deeswift17 goodgirlwhoshopeful taylurswyftpastelastrologyhuman*writes bad blood* *releases it as a single* *gathers an army to gain up on another female artist* *claims to be a feminist* “Bad Blood is a song that I wrote about a new kind of heartbreak that I experienced recently which was when someone that I desperately wanted to be my friend and thought was my friend and it ended up really obvious that she wasn’t So this was somebody that I really looked up to and really really longed for the approval of this person And so it was kind of devastating to receive kind of a low blow from that person This song was kind of the first time I ever really stood up for myself in that relationship because she was always the bolder one and the louder one And I think it’s important to stand up for yourself and if you can only really come up with courage to do it in song form then that’s how you should do it”- Taylor Swift Reblogging this again because it’s SO IMPORTANT IT IS NOT ANTI FEMINIST TO WRITE A SONG ABOUT SOMEONE WHO DOES YOU WRONG WHO JUST HAPPENS TO BE FEMALE Feminism is equality for both sexes It doesnt mean that we will be stupid enough to let other people step on our rights just becoz they’re female Take note of that… Please human oh look at that human didn’t get the memo Meme

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