WE March u Today We Count! Fill it Out Mail it Back 2010censusgov cReek US NEWs THE 2020 CENSUS Mar 28 The 2020 census will ask if taker is a US citizen causing at least 12 states to file lawsuits The US Census Bureau announced on Monday they will be including a question to the 2020 census that asks if the taker is a US citizen The decision caused at least 12 states to sue in order to stop it from being implemented Individuals opposing the addition argue that it will deter immigrants from participating which will skew the results The Constitution requires all residents to be counted regardless of citizenship status New York state attorney general Eric T Schneiderman is leading a multi state lawsuit to stop the move Officials in Connecticut Delaware Illinois Massachusetts New Jersey New Mexico Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island and Washington plan to follow suit California filed a separate lawsuit Monday night ___ Census results are used to determine political boundaries as well as school boards and House seats The census also decides where federal grants and subsidies are allocated Attorney Schneiderman says that the change “will create an environment of fear and distrust in immigrant communities that would make impossible both an accurate census and the fair distribution of federal tax dollars” ___ Photo Jason E Miczek Meme

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