Wednesday Me and Rowley going pretty well I had ten points and Rowley had nine Sadly we you there was blood EVERYWHERE I'm home right playing Frisbee today and it was were had to call it quits when I broke his nose I tell looking for some gauze Ill write again as soon as I how can Thucaday Rowley s hose hasnt stopped bleeding yet Not that it makes any difference because I'm grounded How was I Supposed to know that a red nose would not his nose from bleeding but would also make him look ike he not stop only just got kicked out from the circus? I can hear Manny drawing on my fucking door again and it s torture not being able to strangle him I wish he died of cancer or Some shit like that Fuck Manny fuck Mr Jefferson and motherfuck that assholean Fregley Manny dies of Cancer Part 1 Meme

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