wehavedonetheimpos thornsa Follow hobbitcreampuff But what about vampire history teachers Vampires who read something from a text book then proceed to light the book on fire and throw it out the window because No that's not even close to what really happened Listen up nerds I'm about to teach you what really happened in France during the revolution sapphichands I need this as a series answersfromvanaheim Vampires sharing the recipe for Greek fire Vampires speaking in dead languages Vampires being able to translate untranslatable scripts Vampires who react to straightwashing historical figures like Are you kidding me everyone knew that man was queer! Vampires from cultures who were once antagonistic towards each other stubbornly maintaining a friendship that's lasted longer than their civilizations Vampires who honour forgotten deities you won't find in mythology books radio-freedunmovin Also vampires who secretly saved stuff from the Library of Alexandra R freyadragonlord A vampire show that does not revolve all around sex and eternal cursed love northcentralpositronics nerd vampire whose knowledge of current events is terrible but they can always remember everything that's considered history so they have a super- detailed knowledge of everything up to about thirty years ago and then ????? vampire who couldn't tell you what caravaggio was known for but duelled with him at least three times and slept with him at least ten cara-who OH YCU MEAN MICHAEL yeah he was cool vampire who spent 100 years in a convent and is still so bitter that in all that time they never made her mother superior GODDAMMIT I HAD SENIORITY!I HAD SENIORITY! okay so first off janet that was six hundred years ago but more importantly maybe if you didn't always start those complaints off with blasphemy vampire professor who just sort of showed up at oxford when it was founded and is still there and nobody's noticed because he still never actually shows up to his lectures vampire politician who lifts all their campaign speeches wholesale from speeches given 200 years ago and just waits for someone to catch them out nobody ever does they're prime minister and their approval ratings are through the roof norttralpositronics WAIT I HAVE MORE queer vampire who constantly talks about the fashion for straightness and you need to be really careful because if you tell them straight is default they WILL scream at you for five days straight about what a modern concept heterosexuality is vampire hoarder who has an entire town where they just kept having to buy new houses to keep their stuff in and some of it's probably worth tens of millions by now but you'll never find it in among the 1950s kitschy kitten Sculptures and boxes of newspaper the newspaper is a wonderful mix of yesterday's guardian and daily courants from 1725 vampire sailor from manderville's time who just has so many stories and some of them might even be true vampire bluestocking girl who took to the internet like a fish to water and spends her whole unlife engaging reddit antifeminists about women's rights because that's one fight she's determined to see through also with the advent of cheap dyes she literally wears blue socks every day and hopes one day someone gets the joke vampire doctor who just gets SO CONFUSEED about the literature because do you know how hard it is to keep up with medicine kevin? when i got my doctorate we thought leeches were good and then they were bad and now they're good again? i was published in issue one of the lancet kevin that is 387 lancets kevin how the hell am i meant to remember which one's current kevin why are they saying cannabis is good for pain like this is news??? but also lives in a state of wonderment every day in hospital because wow look at all this stuff we can do now look at it kevin! entire coven of vampires constantly quibbling over manners because they're all from different periods HATS OFF AT TABLE SCREW YOU LEONARD ONLY PEASANTS EAT BAREHEADED TABITHA THAT HASN'T BEEN GOOD MANNERS SINCE THE 1500S NOBODY HAS LICE ANY MORE IT ISN'T ABOUT LICE LEONARD IT'S ABOUT GOOD MANNERS YOU NEED TO HAVE GOOD MANNERS WHEN YOU HAVE PEOPLE OVER FOR DINNER I SWEAR TO GOD TABITHA IF YOU MAKE THAT PUN ONE MORE TIMEI WILL SHOVE YOUR STUPID HAT DOWN YOUR THROAT bumbleandbumble vampire musicians who might not have been child prodigies but goddammit 500 years of practicing an instrument is bound to get you somewhere also knowing the composer and being the first person to start playing a song doesn't hurt either moonsofavalon my favorite will always be vampires who know fuck-all about the standard major historical events because they were always somewhere else whenever big shit was going down yeah i heard about the hundred years war but i was in northern african at the time so the roman empire fell??? how did the fucking roman empire fall??? i spend a fucking handful of decades in india and i come back to this??? russia needs to stop having revolutions i can't keep them all straight when did france become a democracy?? and america's now it's own country??? ive spent the last century in a forest in wallachia scaring small children so-wHat dO yOU meAn we're calling it romania now??? when the fuck did it become romania??? WE HAD A WORLD WAR??? WE HAD TWO WORLD WARS???? well obviously 'world' is an exaggeration because i heard nothing about it while i was lost in the amazon rainforest for the last fifty years listen i spent most of the fourteenth century as a pirate in the south china sea so someone's gonna had to clue me in on all this 'black plaque' nonsense glitterfeyrac @thetalesofandromeda Source atinymonty 287268 notes So are leeches good or not Kevin???? Meme

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