Weight loss is not an accomplishment nor a prerequisite to overall health Comments Like Comment Leave a com I get body positivity but are you saying people that work hard to reduceprevent the risk of a plethora of health conditions tied to obesity shouldn't be proud of themselves? Like Reply 11h Being proud of improved health is fine sure and a personal choice But health does not = weight loss and vice versa Health problems tied to obesity is a different conversation and I'm not a medical professional isinformation in the And at the same time there is a lot of medical world around being overweight or obese and how these may cause health complications You can be fit and healthy in a larger body and a higher weight Diet culture and fitspo have a massive hand in disordered eating and body dysmorphia which drives a lot people to feel the need to lose weight which is why I'm at work right now Doctors often prescribe weight loss before any other interventions without little education or awareness of disordered eatingbody dysmorphia Luckily more and more docs are adapting to a Health At Every Size Model and leaving fat phobia and fear of the obesity epidemic behind Not to be inflammatory here but I think this statement dangerously ignores the overwhelming evidence that having excess body fat is strongly linked to a variety of health disorders including cancer diabetes heart disease stroke depression bone and joint diseases and many others Ignoring rigorously backed scientific evidence has consequences as we see with the huge problem of anti-vax movements climate change deniers and other examples of harmful spreading of misinformation I choose stand by the evidence and facts even if it offends others as I would rather be genuinely invested in the wellbeing of others rather than spread harmful ideas I recognise that there are strong factors beyond physical health when it comes to ones physical appearance but humans have not evolved to maintain enormous diets and excess weight I hope to discuss and debate this complex issue and am happy to provide my Sources Like Reply 1m After 10 comments called the post out it was deleted I received a message from the OP that my opinion and that of the medical and scientific community is invalid Meme

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