Weil I'd want to kiss every inch of you so I'd start by kissing the tips of your toes then down your sole end lick on your heels taking my tinme on each foot before slowing kissing along your calves and up to your thighs licking the inner side Leading right up to your outer lips of your pussy then spin you around so I can start over trom behind you do the same thing leading up to your stinky booty then kiss all over your ass cheeks then spreading them so I can slowly start kissing and Licking the inside of your bottom before French kissing your puckered little hole then I'd slide up kissing all along your back and shoulders before swinging you back around to plant a kiss on your tasty lips then l'd lick down your neck and kiss Your breast taking my time sucking and nibbling each nipple before slowly making my way down to your belly button and then licking over your naval before planting wet kisses along the entire outside of your pussy before slamming my tongue against Your clit and sucking all your juices up and lapping all around the inside of your cute cunt until you orgasm at least twice if not more Stinky Bottom Meme

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