Welcome to the FIFA World CupM Explore the meaning behind the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TH emblem The flow of the shawl The top of the emblem represents the elegant movement of the shawl which is worn around the world- and in the Arab and Gulf region in particular-by a variety of people and in various styles Diacritic dots Marks placed above and below letters in Arabic Football Presented in a geometric style referencing Arab culture An intriguing 3D object Designed to surprise and delight the emblem can rotate to reveal a perfect circle reflecting both our planet and a footbal FIFA World CupT trophy shape The most renowned silhouette in the football world Decorative elements Infinity symbol and figure 8 This symbol is multifaceted Floral patterns like those embroidered on Qatari shawls are important elements of Qatar's heritage Based on traditional Arab art these decorations reflect the representing the 8 stadiums where the FIFA World Cup will be played and the richness of Middle Eastern culture human connections that will endure long past the tournament FIFA WORLD CUP Qat ar2022 A typeface with a human touch The elegance of hand-written Arabic calligraphy inspired the typeface witnessed here in the extended line between letters called kasheeda and the unique letter Q The FIFA World Cup 2022 emblem is a shawl an intriguing object a football a planet a trophy infinity and the number 8 Meme

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