Welcome to the INTORescue Facebook page We are a brand new organisation linked to The Association of INTODogs INTORescue has been created to provide animal rescue workers and supporters with a supportive community with compassion at its heart through  Accreditation  Targeted emotional and mental health well-being  Access to educational resources  Individual career development support  A safe networking environment INTORescue works to acknowledge animal rescue workers’ skills knowledge and aspirations by providing them with a professional ‘home’ to feel empowered acknowledged and valued INTORescue exists to be the organization that is ‘Caring for the Carers’ We welcome you to connect with us support us and stay tuned for our launch INTORescue Committee members are Rosie Charlotte Taylor-Trigg Luke Balsam Glynis Bartlett Andrew Hale Jo Lucas Esther Dickens Hayley Moorey Photo Luke's rescue dog Indie Meme

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