Well I'm single she didn't Imao she is no mom nshe swore over her kids at LTE 923 335 TODAY ME You can be mad that i lied to you because i felt guilty about it every fucking day so im glad that you know now but i never wanted it Never ever wanted that to happen You on the other hand constantly looked for people to be with I sat and waited for you and now my heart is fucking broken How could you fuck my sister? Then get back with me i fucking loved you!!! I was so fucking in love with you!!!! I would have done anything for you Im sorry i lied i should have just told you and got it over with back then but i knew id never Iheard you had people talking shit about me at your house an Jaden heard it! So what was said? Cause tanner fucked my baby momma lol Since the fucks can't admit it CHRIS All I said is you would have more respect for me and my house than your brother was having for it that night he was there Yea they fucked hear the end of it and it meant nothing and I didn't want it i just wanted you and i felt so disgusted with myself But you ignore all the things you did to me including i guess fucking my little sister I hate you tyson as much as im in love with you i ducjing hate you I just want to be dead i dont want to feel this hurt anymore Send a chat Yeah You YUIOP QWER T A SD F G HJKL I just want you to hold me right now and its so fucked up i dont want to love you anymore I dont fucjing have anyone else and i z x Cv B N M Send 123 pace Like Share Comment 9+ T11 Just had a baby together 3 weeks ago Why do people post problems on social media like other people care? Meme

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