Wes @foxmccloud82 I'm done with airls eah we can meet up and go through the project it looks easy enough we can finish quick No it's principal You had 3 That is so many You sit next to me My stomach sounded like an air raid It was yelling You heard it And you kept unwrapping them and didn't offer me not even a BITE Why? Did you NEED all 3? You just kept pulling them out Why? You knew I was hungry why would you keep doing that in front of me what was your goal? And you're gonna tell her? Go ahead she blocked me Tell her I said hi while you're at it Tell her I was hungry in class and eyed your honey buns DO IT Okay just don't try anything you were talking about your girl last class and I don't want to interfere with that I've been the other woman before and I don't want to every do that again Strictly the project I have your girl on Snapchat l should have told her It's just inconsiderate You don't star at someone like that when you have someone I saw you staring at me last class and I don't think you should be doing that if you have a girl INCONSIDERATE IS EATING THREE HONEY BUNS IN FRONT OF ME WHAT DO YOU MEEEEEEEEEAN?!!! You brought three honey buns to class I was staring cus I thought you'd offer one You didn't I will get a new partner it's all good Jsjsjsj Meme

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