West Papua indigenous people the Ngalum Uropkulin and Kasipka Tribes of Star Mountain Area with Koteka at UN Headquarters in New York USA May 2017 This is the first time in history West Papua with Koteka at UNITED NATIONS lB9JA TUNISIA Repost @chakabars ・・・ Yeeeeeeeees!!!! Be proud of your culture don't try to fit other people's standards Big up to all of the people from West Papua I met your leader when he came to the Rastafari march for reparations in London last year I feel so sad when I hear that you are still facing a genocide carried out by the Indonesian government for your lands they want your gold and other minerals 500000 west papuans have been murdered since 1961 Nobody talks about it Shout out to all of the indigenous people everywhere chakabars ••• 🎯🙏🌍 wakeup indigenousrights indigenous indigenouspride humanity empathy selflove selfappreciation knowthyself knowledgeofself prayfortheworld stepnicely5 Meme

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