wet-monsoor part of me believes that if you have a weird kink it's tolerable as long as it isn't like absolutely disgustingharmful but then again i was just contacted by the notorious Deviantart White Bread Fetish guy who wanted me to draw a plump rich blonde blue-eyed white woman with huge titties stuffing her shopping cart full of white bread and i do have to wonder how much? how much am i willing to tolerate? at what point do i just give up? ishipmyotp l'm sorry the who now wet-monsoon there's a guy who sends artists vague commission requests and upon the artist asking what he has in mind he proceeds to send a detailed request about rich women shopping in a grocery store full of expensive wonder bread and overflowing their carts with it i dunno if any of the artists he ropes in know that it's a fetish thing but i knew right away upon reading it i was like waaaaait this sounds like that one guy from DeviantArt that was obsessed with wonder bread and lo and behold SALE 501 500$ Mom and me are going out for a peivate picnic today We'se gon just to make the perfect The wonderbread guy contacted me hes here among us and hes open for questions Meme

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