wha!? Sl BAPU BAPTIST CHURH SUS DISGUST MyCHILD Dortyouatti? SaSin!God condemns W all! BRIAN heed to have a talk 0 CHRISTIANS CELEBRATE TH ISLAMIC TEMPUE I didnt die ona Cross for this BS RADICAL righte homoSexvality ar the last 2000 yearsold queerlychristian danceswithunworldly aiko-mori-hates-pedos artbymoga Throwback to all these Jesus comics I drew in 2012… Good post OP People forget that to Jesus love was more important than the sins you commit okay @danceswithunworldly but i’m pretty sure op’s point with this comic is that being LGBT+ is not a sin and that homophobia islamophobia bigotry and hatred are sins – ones that Jesus is not pumped about “I didn’t die on a cross for this BS” the sins you commit are important to Jesus because they cause harm – and homophobia rather than being gay is one of those sins Meme

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