What a great way to start my morning lol My stomach was hurting after I dropped off my sister at work I had to rush to Sheet's Gas Station to use the restroom When I got there I power walked like I never power walked before lol got into the restroom and sat down to handle my business A Mexican guy next to me knocked on the door and was like Aye Amigo! You don't have no toilet papers! I replied Damn wtf smh He said Hey don't worry I got you foo I was just there and I had to move over here Yeah you don't have any I said Can you share some toilet papers bro? He said I sure can I gotta wipe my ass first then I'll give you the rest okay amigo? I was like Sure no problem When he was done he said Ayee remember Jesus loves you Here's the toilet paper you asked about God bless you Have a good day I answered back I appreciate you brotha You're a life saver lol you have a wonderful day too and god bless you Jesus Mexican name! He answered back See we haven't even been in amigo laughing while walking out the restroom On god it was one hell of a morning Thank you Jesus! Why would you nevermind Meme

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