What are you up to? We have to leave -In mind- Deidara hasn't ome back yet Could it be that he informed the police? Did he feel a certain remorse? What a weakling You should have learned to see farther than your nose and sense a lie and fake Then you wouldn t have got here and you wouldn t have seen the abduction Don't touch Well you me! I had no should You're idea you werejust bad at that sort ofrdeople person O-OK I won't escape Please put the knife down If you try to escape you won't get away with this Got it?! Good girl You should have behaved like that earlier instead of doing my head in with your whining And for your information my Come on move it! patience isn infinite Pq 386 This comic by Lesya7 me There is so many characters like Sasuke Sakura Naruto Hinata Madara Hashirama Itachi Obito Kakuzu Kabuto etc On Deviantart - httpswwwdeviantartcomlesya7gallery38614995Just-Innocent-joke-2018 ●Traducción al español -> httpsvkcomalbum-122418091_245008349?rev=1 ВК RUS - httpsvkcomalbum-122418091_232691059 Meme

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