What did that kid in your school do that will never leave your mind? 126k selfAskReddit submitted 12 hours ago by je suis_un_negre+1 8641 comments 451 new source share save hide give gold report crosspost hide all child comments sorted by best you are viewing a single comment's thread view the rest of the comments 4 -1 voxetpraetereanihill +1 2013 points 8 hours ago This kid was the trouble maker voted most likely to end up in prison He tried to fight teachers bullied people at random and generally both gave and got a hard time It was my school's first ever computing class brand new computer lab and all How this kid who I'm almost certain was failing got into the class I don't know He sat next to me I didn't care - school bullies were low on my list of things to care about He was quiet He took notes He tried And I watched him get more and more frustrated because the teacher never responded when he tried to ask questions never tried to elaborate for him once everyone else understood A few weeks in I saw him trying to read my notes during programming practice I looked at his screen and saw what he'd done wrong I slid my notes across silently tapped the part he needed and went back to my work It took me a long time to realise that he was quite smart but had some kind of learning disability And for that entire year if he had questions he asked me I have the ability to explain a single concept six different ways and would quietly do so until he got it We never spoke a word to each other outside of that classroom and I've no idea where he is now but the teacher announced on our final day that the whole class had passed permalink source embed save save-RES report give gold reply hide child comments <p>Wholesome askreddit story via rwholesomememes <a href=httpsifttt2KDcE4F>httpsifttt2KDcE4F<a><p> Meme

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