What do you do for self-care? Psychological health Physical health Self-awareness Spirituality What do you already do for self care? What would you like to do more of? What do you need help with? nal health Emotion lace wellnes Workp SELF-CARE WHEEL Psychological Self-awareness Sensory engagement Regul l care zealthy Exercise Self-reflection Therapy Journal Physical Be sexual Get enough sleep Take vacations Take time off Massages Acupuncture Aromatherapy Draw Paint Go to symphony or ballet Safe housing Relax in the sun Garden Read a self-help book Join a Bubblebaths Kiss Ask for nurture support group Think about Take a walk Turn off cell phone your positive qualities Practice asking and Get me time LIFE receiving help SELF-CARE WHEEL BALANCE Learn who you are Fige at you Short and Long-term Goals lection community Self-cherish Meditate Sing Dance Play Be inspired Self-refle Make a Vision Board Foster friendships Go on dates Take yoga Play with children Bathe in the ocean Watch sunsets Find spiritual Get coffee witha friend Get out of debt Just relax Write a poem or a book Spend time Pray Find spiritual mentor Volunteer for a cause with your family Cook out Learn to play guitar Personal Foster self-forgiveness Spiritual inspired by and adapted from Self-Care Assessment Worksheet from Transforming the Pain A Workbook on Vicarious Traumatization by Saakvitne Pearlman & Staff This Self-Care Wheel was of TSICAAP Norton 1996 Created by Olga Phoenix Project Healing for Social Change 2013 Dedicated to all trauma professionals worldwide wwwOlgaPhoenixcom Emotio tional mations ice essio gement Affir -love l Self- y I Love You ovie Cry Socia gh Sa Laatch a Flirt l obby Find a Buy yourself Cuddle with your a present pet Tell yourself 1 are e Forgiveness ic Pract and sick da Take all move Take a class ays vacation Plan your days Learn support of collesTake m Get regular Do not work during next career to say NO sion Get ervi mental Leave work at work undaries Do Set your time off not work overtime Take time for lunch Professiona outforhealth Take care people Meme

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