Charlie, Instagram, and Meme: What is the kindest thing
 a pet has done for you?
 Sara Booth, Unpaid
 employee of Teddy Halftail
 and Nibby Pantherfoot
 Answered Jul 7, 2016
 I don't remember this myself, because I
 was too young.
 My parents had a dog named Charlie
 who was absolutely terrified of the
 vacuum cleaner. But after I was born,
 any time my mother vacuumed, Charlie
 would stand steadfast between me and
 the vacuum cleaner. "Trembling in
 every limb," my mother says, but
 determined to protect baby-me from
 the monster.
@pubity was voted ‘best meme account on Instagram’ 👌

@pubity was voted ‘best meme account on Instagram’ 👌