What is the loveliest thing a child has ever said to you? Richard Muller Prof Physics UC Berkeley author Now The Physics of Time Updated Aug 2 2017 Originally Answered What is the loveliest thing your child has ever said? Would you like one Grandpa? OK- it was not my child but my 3-year-old granddaughter but I still think it counts I had read about the marshmallow test You give a child a marshmallow and then say that if she Layla in this case could keep from eating it for 10 minutes you'll give her a second So I tried that test with my granddaughter not with marshmallows but with chocolate which she likes much more According to extensive experiments children who pass the marshmallow test are far more successful in later life They have learned a fundamental truth in life that delayed gratification can lead to a far better long-term outcome She sat and watched the chocolate The 10-minute hourglass finally emptied and she had succeeded She asked for her second piece of chocolate I gave it to her and she now had two in her hand That's when she looked up at me and asked Would you like one Grandpa? Needless to say from that moment on I would readily give my life for her 13m views View Upvoters View Sharers hippo-pot awesomacious The sweetest granddaughter btw the marshmallow test has been linked to class - kids from wealthier families are essentially more likely to trust that they will actually get the marshmallow if they wait whereas poorer kids are generally more used to like if you have food eat it and being wealthier correlates to being more successful later in life because our system is broken so THAT’s probably why the marshmallow test is a predictor - because it tells you who is wealthy not who is innately primed to be successful Classic correlation does not equal causation Meme

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