What is the moment during your relationship that made you decideI will marry you Discussion 1 17k 825 Share BEST COMMENTS ▼ JizuzCrust 7h Grandmother was in the final moments of TacOsntequila 9h When I realized we had fun without ha oncealot 6h She randomly got up when we were watching ty and ran to one side of the room I love you from here she said as she ran to the other side of the room Upon reaching the other wall she looked incredibly upset and looks at me oh I ran out of room I was pretty sure I wanted to and was debating proposing to her but that was when I knew thatI was going to marry her The words I love you from ere are inscribed on my wedding band Reply ↑ 10k MachoMelon11 4h When she or you are on your death bed she will say to here as the last thing he ever here from her Reply T405 awesomacious Damn you ninjas cutting oignons Meme

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