What is the wildest thing you have ever done as an adult? Anonvmous Answered 33m ago I quickly looked away and glanced up about twenty seconds later Yes! She was looking in my direction again These back and forth glances continued for a few minutes l I finally gathered up my manly courage As I stood up a small tremor began building in my knees I really do not remember much detail as I walked toward her all I know was that I was suddenly at her table There she was with her back facing me her tingling laughter was the only sound I heard Slowly I reached my arm into my backpack and pulled out one of the longest Asian rice noodle I have ever laid my hands on Quicker than greased lighting I threw that noodle over her head and begin to strangle her A few seconds later I was tackled to the ground by the restaurant's all female Mongolian security So I guess that is the naughtiest thing I have done recently Culinary assassin Meme

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