WHAT S THE SCARIEST THING YOU'VE WITNESSED IN PERSON? b Like 431 271 shares Comment Share My brother's turds were so big that my Dad would forbid him from eating bread We were on vacation on a houseboat and my brother's turd broke the turd grinder on the toilet So the next day when he had to poop he was telling our cousin he was afraid to go because he didn't want to break the toilet My cousin told him to poop in the lake because turds sink and then he wouldn't have to worry about the turd grinder or clogging the toilet So we're all swimming having a grand time and a massive log comes floating by you never saw so many people scrambling to get back on the boat First words out of my Dad's mouth Dammit Tommy quit eating so much bread!! @recordpotato is gonna beat the egg the race is crazyπŸ˜‚πŸ‘€ 🍟 > πŸ₯š Meme

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