What store she in???? k Original NeRds eRds s SOU PATC TWix Twix ser YARD YARD NeRds ERSHEYS azooka SCOC TERS SOUR 1PATCH Reeses pieces JOLY Voncher உ SRUARALCIX SweeARS Swee ARTS SweeARTS blackfemalemetalhead minkypinkypoo brattynympho minkypinkypoo neworleans-unknown iam-theonly neworleans-unknown postmillenniumtension neworleans-unknown mattie-fresh neworleans-unknown naturally-jada neworleans-unknown telvi1 telvi1 lonnilynn telvi1 clarknokent blackpussyprincess dezy-d psychedelicfelon senyor-senyor-junior sheee-nanigans this is a serious question cavities r us Diabetes-Mart I just did out that’s here in Texas It’s called It’s sugar! Yupp its one in Baltimore MD too I’ve been 👀👀👀👀 yeah I gotta go! One in Baltimore too? That’s a wrap! @telvi1 is at the harbor by Cheesecake Factory Bet I mad I never made it out there after all this time @telvi1 they gotta gigantic rice crispy I been eating off that for weeks long as I kept it cold There’s one in the Riverwalk in New Orleans ^ that’s where I got it from They got kit kats? Anything you can think of wait hold up they have this in the riverwalk????? Yup lil bit past tommy Bahamas @neworleans-unknown it’s before if you comin from the first floor I forgot I always come the other way Yeah this in the Riverwalk in New Orleans by the Puma store I think! So I can rob my Rih slides from the Puma store then run thru there and grab some candy You right We got a plan I’m ready This place has a cereal that just composed of marshmallows like the ones in lucky charms No actual cereal just marshmallows! Meme

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