WHAT TO DO IF YOUR DATE IS A BEAR 1 Make sure that your date is a bear Bears and human beings can look yery similar at first glance Note the similarites below Hair Eyes Salmon Occasional Breath CollegelHumor 2 Assess the situation The bear is likely are not very good at using dating websites and occasionally forget to check bear on their personal profile Wave your arms and make noise to intimidate the bear giving it before things get awkward surprised as you are Bears as an opportunity to leave the date 3 Don't give the bear sweets Feeding a wild bear will cause it to imprint people as a food source This damages its ability to survive in thee wild Also sweets make the bear fat on 4 Check for any bear cubs around the area Bears can become extremely aggressive around their cubs creating a dangerous situation for you should you remain on the date If you do see cubs consider whether or not you feel emotionally prepared to enter into a relationship where children are involved 5 Propose to the bear If it seems right then make the leap Don't be afraid if you discover that this bear is The One Don't fight your strange wrong physically impractical love any longer and spend the rest of your life with the one bear who makes you truly happy CollegeHumer novelty-gift-ideasThe Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbooks Meme

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