Wait are these the couple that prank one another by inflicting physical pain to each other's body? .... seeing as these 2 are tricksters I can't clarify whether this is legitimate or not but just imagine you decide to prank your homie by getting your girl to text him seductively and he starts telling her that he has "thoughts about us too"..... nigga what?? ... what the fuck have you been thinking??.... have you been planning a mutiny while we were in the car and I was telling you that my girl does this thing with her tongue.. where she wraps her whole tongue around sausage roll and you were thinking to yourself I gotta steal this girl? ... you were just there casually warming up the bench waiting for the coach to finally put you in the game after I get tired??.... funny thing is a lot of dudes actually have friends like these lol... luckily for me I grew up with certain fellas who found it wrong to even fuck with the girl I gave a handshake and wink to