What's a cool fact about the human body that a lot of people don't know? rAskReddit 5h alwaysclimbing5 selfAskReddit Selftext 348 96% 446 vault13rev 720 pts 5h edit 4h If we were an RPG character our main stat would be endurance We are by animal standards hellishly undying and unrelenting terrors these Terminator-esque nightmares that just DO NOT STOP So ancestrally we are persistence hunters That is our main tactic for catching prey without fancy weapons was to just run them down especially in our way-back home of the African desert You can still see it all over the human body We are nearly hairless This lack of insulation means better heat dissipation We have a ton of sweat glands next to other mammals Again heat dissipation Another one is our two-legged gait - walking for us is technically just a series of controlled falls We let gravity do half the work and as a result use up fewer resources and generate less heat quadrupeds on the other hand have to do more work with more legs Imean imagine being a more-or-less gazelle of half a million years ago You're eating doing your thing when this predator arrives so you run off Now most predators they'll only chase for a short distance and then call it a day watch cats for instance But this one here he is again So you run He returns You run again He returns You're getting hot -you have to stop and pant to lose heat but he just keeps jogging You run He keeps coming You're tired -you're fast but not for very long and this stretches your limits Eventually you just lay there exhausted and heat-stunned and this ludicrous hairless monkey just jogs on over and kills you That's our claws our sharp teeth even without our technology and tool-making We simply don't stop siriuszstarI’m scared Meme

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