What's up bro I just heard just wanted to let u know I'm praying for u Every body go through adversity some tougher than others but I already no u goin bounce back stronger and better than ever just can't wait to see it I'm goin be the first to tune in u goin look back at this one day after about 7 pro bowls and a couple All Pro years and see everything that's happened to u just goin make u stronger It's just goin make u stronger It's just goin make ur story that much better u already no if u need anything just hit me and let me no Keep ur head up no matter what stay strong God got you Rams 90 Three years ago @AaronDonald97 sent a text to @JamesConner_ after the RB was diagnosed with cancer Today both are Pro Bowlers httpstcoQAgS7uILnm Meme

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