When filming was complete I was allowed to keep the Shaggy costume I needed it in order to fulfill my destiny of unlocking his full power I brought the costume with me to the heart of the Montana wilderness where I remained in isolation for 42 days It was on the morning ofythe finabday that Shaggy's full power was unleashed The last thing I remember seeing on that version of Earth was the image of my own dead body wearing the Shaggy costume facedown on the side of 1-90 on a windy August day After that jarring image I witnessed the universe fold in on and recreate itself through infinity Themultiverse exposed itself to me and all it said was Zoinks 0 I suddenly found myself on a nearly identical version of the Earth I had once known This is where we stand and now that I have exposed this forbidden knowledge the true Shaggy will appear again at any moment to claim my soul and trap me forever in my own personal helf Meme

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