When I first moved to Calgary to train for wrestling at 19 years old in 1990 I had no money no job and no place to live Then Bev and Jerry Palko took me in on the recommendation of a family friend and that was when my career truly began They charged me the princely sum of TEN DOLLARS a day for room & board and always made sure I had a place to go If it wasn’t for the Palko family the path to my dreams would’ve been a lot different for certain I’m sure I still would’ve made it somehow but living with the Palko’s gave me the stability accountability support and love that a young man who was thousands of miles away from home and dealing with his own burdens needed to make it I always considered her to be my second mother and sadly #BevPalko passed away today after a heroic battle with cancer I can’t say enough how much she helped me and how much she meant to me over the last 29 yearsand I’m sure my own Mom feels the same way! I’m just glad that they will finally get to meet each other and exchange recipes in Heaven! Homemade Carrot Cake muffins from Sweet Loretta Modern & warm out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies from Bev! I’m also so glad I got to say goodbye to her this past December in #Okotoks and reminisce about screaming potbelly pigs whitewashing fences plucking chickens hiding her son @ttpalko’s #playstation being embarrassed when she walked into the room during a shall we say adult oriented scene in #PulpFiction and just remembering how much I always enjoyed just chatting with her The world is a worse place without you Mrs Palko! God bless you and I love you alwaysplease say hi to Loretta and Jerry for me! #IHadToLaugh Meme

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