When I said I'm over him what I really meant was He still makes me laugh when we talk I still pray for him to love me and be with me again I still wish for him at 1111 I cry myself to sleep almost every night while thinking about what we had what we could've had and what I want us to be in the future I still think of him 247 I'm still in love with him I'm still in pain I still want him and I still love him with everything that I have and everything that I am When someone tell me he does not deserve me I still answer Yes he does and I even sometimes say I didn't deserve him and that's why he left even though I know it's not right I'm still jealous of the girl he's now in love with and I still wish it was me I still have his number on my phone and I've not deleted the messages he sent me I still got his picture and I'm sonotoverhim httpsiglovequotesnet Meme

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