When i was 6 years old one of the fan in our house broke so my dad fix it He found a stuck inside so he got it out and shown it to me not thinking much about it When he turned away i stupidly tried to put it tiny metal marble somehow got inside my left nostril and it got stuck Being born in a typical asian household my father is a very very VERY strict man he would yell and hit me i grew to be scare of him from a very young age And so as soon as i realized the marble is stuck my immediate instinct is to lie about it i told my dadi threw it away thinking I'll try everytime i do anything wrong so to get it out myself But it didn't came out it got stuck in my nose for 4 years! So i lived with it The fear of my father was much more than the fear of health issue potentially caused by that marble in my nose Thankfully i guess years later a powerful sneeze just shot the marble straight out from my nose i was alone at the moment too so no one day 4 one ever knew 14 1200 REPLY View 45 replies Captain marble Meme

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