When the Swedish Police start giving out bracelets with Please don't rape me inscribed on them to underage girls but it's okay because you and your mates don't read or speak Swedish لإله إلا ال له الفلول httpthefederalistpapersorgusswedish-police-hand-out-dont-touch-me- bracelets-to-stop-refugee-rapists What the fuck Sweden is truly fucked This is fake The bracelets weren't handed out because of refugees sexually assaulting women It was because there were reports of sexual molestation among Swedish youth The bracelets were handed out during events that involved a lot of alcohol because that's when the kids were more handsy Refugees had nothing to do with it OP if you want to criticize Sweden's policies regarding refugees don't lie about it And for the gullible people who were misled don't believe everything you read Source httpswwwsnopescomfact-checkswedish-police-bracelets Bullshit about refugees Meme

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