When you can't remember which Hillary you're supposed to be today c-bassmeow c-bassmeow c-bassmeow abacot c-bassmeow I hate when this happens to me Pick nay nay Hillary! Chilling in Cedar Rapids Hillary I choose you! Today I choose lied-to-the-American-people-that-she-supported-DOMA-to-protect-gays-from-a-constitutional -amendment-even-though-she-was-fact-checked-on-that-and-it-was-a-lie-Hillary I choose you ! Today I choose claims to be a champion for POC yet dismissed a black lives matter activist and was extremely racist to Obama in 0708 primary race Hillary I choose you! Today its I am like your abuela but i also dont care if central american children are sent back to the place they were fleeing from violence because we need to send a message Hillary I choose you! Meme

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