When you gotta speed to the bathroom bcs the coffee hit out of nowhere IG @ Taxo Here’s why coffee makes you poop — Caffeine is a CNS stimulant increasing the rate and intensity of all metabolism bodily functions and nerve impulses ie a normally weak urge to deficate will feel more intense with caffeine — The primary reason is that caffeine is a vasodilator This dilates all your blood vessels increasing blood flow throughout the body especially coupled with the increased heart rate and blood pressure caused by caffeine Now there are A LOT of blood vessels surrounding your colon and even more around the rectum and anus All the blood flow and expanded tissue increases the pressure placed on your plumbing down there So if there's any moderate amount of feces in your lower colon or rectum the increased pressure will make your rectum feel more full This will stimulate your body to initiate a bowel movement to relieve that pressure — TLDR It increases blood flow increasing the pressure makes your body want to relieve the pressure by expelling feces Sex and Exercise has the same effect BaristaLife TheMoreYouKnow answer by u-alteran1 Meme

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