When you take 4 shots and dont feel anything so you take 3 more and they all hit you at once Nothing had me more fucked up then when I got drunk for the first time I'm not a drinker I'm at this house party with my bro Omari There was some girls playing drinking games Shit look easy First off the liquor look like water so it must be light work I took my first shot and my whole chest felt like the fire nation was causing havoc The burning sensation went away Wow this how being drunk feels? I took more shots than Kobe I go to the bathroom to check my self out 2 seconds later my whole life changed It was like getting hit with a tekken combo Life it self was beginning to lag I shouted my homie name Every single syllable pronunciation and sound that came out my mouth was straight gibberish I needed sub titles I'm all the way fucked up My whole body symmetry shifted I took one step and couldn't feel the ground My next step I came down hard af My little ACL evaporated to dust I pulled a Paul George I'm Yelling man down man down niggas wasn't paying me no mind Matter fact the Dj turned the music up Unforgettable by French was playing and you know New York niqqas wanna clap it out every where they go Everybody getting lit to the beat while I'm in last stand behind the bathroom door My nigga Omari ain't check on me once One bitch got so drunk she took a shit in the bathtub next to me instead of getting help People who drink a different breed I died that faithful night I'm writing this from heavens gates Meme

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