Where it all started t Follow Open in App Twitter-twittercomStupidGeorgie ASK ME ANYTHING ARCHIVE I bought this last night This is a total game changer Internet fame hereI come #retard #lol #funny # suit #pink #idiot #fail Aug 8th 2011 10 notes capsulr reblogged this from geosaurusrex Where it ended PINK LORD @FilthyFrank 17m This is old news but I figured I'd give an official statement Thank you for your understanding and god bless Although previously mentioned through billboard I believe an official statement as to why I am now done with comedy is owed to my former fanbase- of which I'm extremely grateful for And while it genuinely pains me to express this I do hope that the reasons below may provide some insight into my decision -Unfortunately I no longer enjoy producing that content Several serious health concens including but not limited to throat tissue damage and neurological conditions that I prefer not to get into This decision is final I really can't express just how grateful I am to you all nor will I ever forget the relationship that we had together Moving forward it is up to you whether you'd like to join or not In any event I will stride to continue creating and developing projects I am passionate about and hope you'll succeed in doing the same Joji 651 t 18K 63K 7 years What a grea journey So we don't forget It was a long ride Meme

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