Which One is The Best Tool For Statistics SPSS SPSS Stands for statistical packages for Social Science It is the market leader in terms of statistical packaging tools SPSS is used as the derivative for data manipulation and storage Excel Excel is one of the most powerful and easy to use statistics software It allows you to store the data in tabular format ie in rows and column format Benefits Real Time Usage It is used to manipu- late the data as per IBM guidelines SPSS is faster and offers reliable perfor- It uses for ultra-fast devices such as supercomputers mance Industry Application Field SPSS used in Data PSS use in large scale companies SPSS covers the entire technology field science and Data analytics industry SPSS vs EXCEL SPSS SPSS use for computation SPPS teach us how the process is built in batches SPSS is based on computer systems X SPSS use for probabilistic theories reasoning discrete structures and database statanalyticacom SPSS vs Excel Meme

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