While looking up a place to get a haircut I found this 8 Nechako Barber Shop Join Google+ 9 montns ago Usually barber shops are typically a staple for people who know how to cut hair The only reason I gave it 1 star is because you are forced to rate it Hated it is an understatement The lady was nice but if I wanted to pay 25$ to look like I had special needs I would have put 25$ of gas into my truck and drove it straight into the barber shop not wearing a seat belt Hey at least scars tell a story I could of been drunk recently pepper sprayed using my wrong hand and a steak knife and could have cut my hair better As soon as I got home I went to shower and realized how terrible my hair actually was It looked as if she tried to thin my hair into looking like a map of the world I was actually impressed because I couldn't find two hairs the same length and she even used clippers! Don't even bother going to this place Fire up the weed wacker and tie it to a ceiling fan the results will be better Flag as inappropriate awesomesthesia Looking For A Barber Shop Meme

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