While we're out celebrating with our loved ones this CNY this Navy officer is not with his family but out at sea protecting us back home Chew Chun Cheong 57 mins Lunar New Year Eve 15 Feb 2018 Yesterday as our fellow Chinese Singaporeans prepared and enjoyed their reunion meals with their loved ones members of the #vanguards donned our uniforms bade our families farewell to sail out for Singapore Straits Though it is a familiar routine for our crew to ensure Singapore maritime security #247 there is a tinge of disappointment in everyone's hearts as we had to miss reunion meals with our families on Lunar New Year Eve Looking back 76 years ago on this day Singapore fell to the Japanese after the British surrendered Coincidental or not it was the first day of Lunar New Year in 1942 This struck us and reminded us that we can depend on nobody but ourselves to defend our Nation our Home Yes we missed our reunion dinner on the eve this year and our loved ones will need to count down to初一without us But we know it is a small price to pay for the peace that we enjoy today We are proud to be able to contribute and make this little sacrifice for the peace and security of our Nation To all services personnel who continue to protect our Everyday during the festive period Happy Lunar New Year! Bravo Zulu! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICE! Well said! While we’re enjoying this festive season with our loved ones let’s remember and appreciate the ones defending us making all this possible 🙂🇸🇬 sp Meme

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