White-bellied Go-away-bird Corythaixoides leucogaster Continent Africa Range Madagascar Habitat Woodlands Continent Africa Ethiopia and Somalia to Kenya and Tanzania Savanna with acacia trees Range Habitat Not Critically tint in Critically Extind in Endangered Endangered the Wild Threatened Vulnerable Endangered Endangered the Wil For information on our conservation projeds visit our Web site wwwsandiegozooorg IUCN Status UCN Status princespectr missrem-ains graviolies johnthedragon kingofreaks offendedrhino Scientists are so clever with naming animals No you don’t even know these birds call actually sounds like its saying go away and what it does is it hangs around large groups of herbivores and when a predator shows up it will just start shouting GO AWAY GO AWAY and then all the gazelles and zebras and such will take off Heres a great video G’WEEEEEEHHH Gweeehhh GEHH WEEH WEHH Meme

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