White lighters cause bad luck g @conspiracyposts $169 yourbic Com White lighters are bad luck especially if you're left handed Many famous left handed musicians that were 27 years old had a white lighter near-on them when they were found dead Kurt Cobain Amy Winehouse Jimi Hendrix Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison were some of them This theory does not have a lot of evidence but people say that every time they were around white lighters bad things just happened Tana Mongeau once was at a party while she was around a white lighter it got shot up and her friend got shot She mentioned various incidents where some bad stuff had occurred within a few days of being around white lighters her phone cracked twice she had problems w family drama with friends etc This could be a coincidence but it is strange that something does happen EVERY time she's around a white lighter This theory is very vague and doesn't have much evidence but it is a very strange reoccurrence especially with the left handed musicians Meme

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